An AI-based Clinical Surveillance Technology that Identifies Health Care-associated Infections​

What is HAIDi?

HAIDi is an AI-powered technology which completely changes abilities of hospitals to confront and combat health care-associated infections (HAIs). It is based on principles and practices that are a synthesis of the best available scientific evidence and expert assessment of professionals from the fields of infectious diseases, infection prevention and control, public health and epidemiology. HAIDi has been created with purpose to save lives and cut unnecessary costs generated by HAIs. ​

Why should we bother with HAIs?

5.5 millions of patients are affected by HAIs in the EU & the USA every year.

270.000 patients die due to HAIs in the EU & the USA every year.

$ 30 billion of dollars are lost due to the additional costs of HAIs in the USA annually.

Health care-associated infections (HAIs) pose a serious problem for all stakeholders in health care, i.e. patients, health care providers, insurance companies. HAIs substantially prolong admissions, create risks for patients, and generate additional costs.

HAIDi enables you to identify up to
5 times more HAIs.​

HAIDi brings you a solution

HAIDi provides profound guidance for each of the artificial intelligence building blocks of the surveillance system including planning, data collection, interpretation, analysis and communication, to achieve intelligent and effective infection prevention and control practices.​

HAIDi leads to process improvements that result in dominant decreases in HAI rates, morbidity, mortality and health care costs.

benefits of using HAIDi



Gain insights for targeted prevention programs​

HAIDi provides specific risk factors of HAIs based on analysis of all electronic health records which can be used for effective prevention programs.​


Measure the problem so you can manage it

First step towards lower incidence of HAIs. HAIDi increases the number of identified HAIs and gets you closer to the real incidence of HAIs.


Save lives and costs​

HAIDi’s clinical surveillance system goes beyond the collection of information. HAIDi involves mechanism by which the deep and thorough knowledge gained through its artificial intelligence surveillance may be used to direct resources to substantially reduce health care costs, morbidity and mortality associated with HAIs - up to 70%.


Allow physicians to concentrate on patients

Save valuable time of qualified experts spent on labor intensive manual and administrative activities during HAIs surveillance.

How HAIDi works?

HAIDi has been developed for hospitals with hospitals. Its knowledge is based on clinical experience, real data from clinical practice and advanced algorithms combining expert systems with artificial intelligence.

HAIDi automatically reads all admission notes, daily progress notes, consultation notes, surgical protocols, RTG descriptions, lists of medication and more. It does not leave out laboratory results. All information potentially related to HAIs are put into a timeline which is then used in a model evaluating the presence of an HAIs.

Surveillance Planning

Surveillance methodology setup or adjustments based on actual data.

Data Collection

All available data are loaded into HAIDi from hospital information system. Medical records, laboratory reports, electronic screening, nursing kardex, clinical ward.

Data Analysis

Automatic identification of potential HAIs using NLP, machine learning and expert systems.


Automatically generated HAIs and risks factors are interpreted by experts.


Targeted prevention programs are created based on the results.


Each program is evaluated and the effects are carefully measured.

… and the whole process repeats.


Krajská zdravotní

One of the largest healthcare providers in the Czech Republic uses HAIDi to boost its surveillance of healthcare-associated infections within all of its 5 hospitals with more than 3,200 beds and 110,000 inpatients annually.

Hospital Jihlava

HAIDi helps with the infection prevention and runs on hospital-wide data. We closely cooperate with Hospital Jihlava, a regional hospital with 750 beds, in the Czech Republic.


HAIDi automates the surveillance of healthcare-associated infections in the highly specialized Center for Cardiovascular and Transplantation Surgeries in the Czech Republic.
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